Tire Tread Protects Against Blowouts


Having adequate tire tread depth is vitally important to your safety and the safety of other drivers when you are on the road.

At Carolina Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we are serious about tires and safety and would welcome the opportunity to service your vehicle's tires including a tire rotation if necessary. A tire rotation is one of the best ways to keep your tread in good shape because the front and back ends of your vehicle are different weights, and tire rotation allows your tire tread to wear evenly. Tire tread is complex. Most people don't realize tread is specially designed to funnel water away from your car and protects you from hydroplaning in wet weather. Tire tread also protects you from flat tires and blowouts. Blowouts, especially, are inconvenient and dangerous. It even costs a lot of money to have your tire replaced.

If you have questions about the adequacy of the tread on your vehicle's tires, stop in and allow us to take a look.

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