Seasonal Service for Your Car

Everyone knows that as we shift from season to season, the weather will shift alongside us. As humans, we can respond by dressing up or down, changing our activities, or pumping up the air conditioning or furnace as needed. However, our vehicles also respond differently to different seasons, and unlike with people, we cannot simply trade flip-flops for boots on our vehicle. Fortunately, the technicians at Carolina Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can perform a seasonal checkup at the beginning of any new season to make sure you can weather whatever weather Lugoff will throw at us!

Our top to bottom, front to back maintenance checks and servicing include everything from oil changes and fluid top-ups, to battery checks, tire rotation and swapping and repairing or replacing any parts that have been worn down or may not last through the new season. To make sure your vehicle is in top shape and safe to roll no matter what season it is, give us a call today!
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