Suspension Your Disbelief: How to Make the Mighty RAM 1500 More Comfortable, Still

Read any review of the RAM 1500, and you’ll notice it’s class-topping ride quality is mentioned. Half-ton trucks aren’t small, and sometimes that heft is at the forefront of the driving experience. Not so with a RAM Truck. But if you want more control and comfort, an optional Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension system will deliver it.

Every 1500 model comes with a unique coil-spring and multi-link rear suspension that provides the easy, smooth ride so beloved in any RAM Truck, but with the active setup, capability is improved. Additional comfort is just the tip of the iceberg: adjustable air springs can raise or lower the body between one of five settings, and can be manually adjusted from the cabin. When on the highway, the system will automatically lower the height to improve aerodynamics and thus, efficiency.

But a unique suspension setup that brings comfort and command is just one of many options available on this new RAM Truck. To get a better idea of features and options, contact us at our Lugoff, SC showroom with your questions.

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